Will Graphviz support RDF*

The RDF* specification is nearing completion, Will Graphviz support RDF* in the future?

I don’t really know what RDF* is. What would Graphviz supporting RDF look like?

Dear Mark:
RDF* is very useful for Graph data describe.
It would be great if we can use Graphviz to present RDF data.
For RDF *, please have a look at:
RDF*: What is it and Why do I Need it? - Enterprise Knowledge
or W3C specification at:
RDF-star and SPARQL-star

Help, what would it mean for Graphviz to support RDF*?

Based on a very quick read, RDF* is a data-modeling language with (at least) 4 defined syntaxes (!) and SPARQL* is a query language against a database created from RDF* statements.
If there was a standard for visualization, it might make sense for someone to create an RDF* engine or front-end - but there does not seem to be any specification for visual (graph) representations.
A Google search does show that there several RDF-to-dot programs available, including rdf2dot.

yes, steveroush, You remind me that this task should be solved by applications like rdf2dot, not Graphviz. I have submitted an issue to the author.
Thank you!

It’s pretty unclear to me what the motivation is. Perhaps it’s clear in your mind – some examples might make it clearer to the people here, who have probably never heard of RDF* and have no idea what it does

RDF* is very useful for Graph data describe.

How is it useful? What problem does it solve?

It would be great if we can use Graphviz to present RDF data.

Why would it be great?

Mark, RDF* greatly facilitates modeling and analysis of graph databases, It is also very useful for the exchange of graphs, the following two articles may be helpful for a quick understanding of RDF*: