What is the file extension for dot file?

The above page says .gv is the file extension for a DOT file. But since the language name is DOT, shouldn’t the extension be called .dot? Thanks.

It used to be .dot, but Microsoft Word claimed .dot, whoops. The Graphviz programs don’t care.

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.gv is the IANA registered extension.

I don’t think there is anything in graphviz that actually cares about the extension, or even if there is one at all.

My interpretation of the problem is that DOT is a data-definition-language and not a display format. So knowing that it is a DOT file doesn’t actually tell you how to process it.

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Graphviz also was developed in the Unix environment, where files just contain data that can be processed by any tool as part of a pipeline, whether the tool is neato, gvpr, wc or cat.

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