Version controlled code before 2004-12-23?

The first commit in the repository is:

commit 256ef66663ca0c072554ee3f5e7971911031b3c7
Author: ellson <devnull@localhost>
Date:   Thu Dec 23 04:10:55 2004 +0000

    Initial revision

I assume that some other version control system was used before that and that the code was just copied into a new version control system without preserving the history.

I wonder if anyone has a copy of the code with version control history that predates the commit above?

This could be very useful when trying to understand why things are as they are.

+1, revision control messages would be a goldmine. I don’t underestimate how much work it would be to migrate them into git though…

Having them available in any form would be a goldmine. Migrating them to a git repo would be even better, but unfortunately we would not want to force rebase the current repo onto it because that would destroy all commit references in the current repo.

I’ll look on an old backup drive, in case we have something.

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