The master pipeline currently fails because of spurious Windows install problems

I’ve retried several times. The failures are unrelated to the latest merge. I will continue retrying. Please hold off any further merges you may have until it’s green again.

I retried this and I agree the failure is not due to changes in the merge, but it is not a transient failure. The Chocolatey install of NSIS is trying to fetch and this domain’s SSL certificate is expired.

We can either wait for them to renew the SSL certificate, wait for them to update the Chocolatey version of the NSIS package, or disable NSIS functionality.

A secondary question is why the build continues when this step fails? Do we need to pass --stop-on-first-failure to choco?

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Maybe semi-spurious then :slightly_smiling_face:. If it’s not solved within a day or two, I’ll prioritize adding NSIS to the Graphviz-build-utilities submodule.

There are many places where the Windows builds does not stop on failure. I plan to look into them soon.

I’ve added NSIS to the graphviz-build-utilities submodule now and the pipeline is green again after merging: