Search tool to convert mathematical expression to dot

This is not a bug report but a question. I did not find a forum, so I hope, I’m right here.
We have a generated expression of 27000 characters which starts like this:
((( ((sqrt( ((((((sqrt( ((( (((((pi*f) * (2))) * (((pi*f) * (2))))) * (((( (-1.2250000000000001) * ...
The expression is (very) long but valid. I added it as an attachment. I’m not responsible for the generation of this expression, but I want to fix it.

Do you know of a tool to convert it to a dot file?
This tool is too simple, it knows no sqrt, …

killme.txt (27.2 KB)

I got the hint for clang: clang - Stmt::viewAST is only available in debug builds on systems with Graphviz or gv - Stack Overflow
However this fails with

clang -cc1 -ast-view killme.txt
killme.txt:1:40: error: expected ')'
killme.txt:1:37: note: to match this '('
killme.txt:1:45: error: expected ')'
killme.txt:1:36: note: to match this '('
killme.txt:1:55: error: expected ')'
killme.txt:1:34: note: to match this '('
killme.txt:1:80: error: expected ')'
killme.txt:1:30: note: to match this '('
killme.txt:1:38: warning: type specifier missing, defaults to 'int' [-Wimplicit-int]
killme.txt:1:687: error: expected ')'

where the first error is after “pi”.