Scheme on graphviz

Hello! Where do I start building this scheme? Started writing code and something didn’t go according to plan :cold_sweat: :sob: :confounded:

1->p1[dir=none tailclip=true minlen = 0.5]
            p1->p2[headclip=false arrowhead=open]
            p2->2[dir=none tailclip=false]
            2->p3[dir=none tailclip=true minlen = 0.5]
            p3->p4[headclip=false arrowhead=open]
            p4->3[dir=none tailclip=false]
            3->p5[dir=none tailclip=true minlen = 0.5]
            p5->p6[headclip=false arrowhead=open]
            p6->4[dir=none tailclip=false]
            4->p7[dir=none tailclip=true minlen = 0.5]
            p7->p8[headclip=false arrowhead=open]
            p8->5[dir=none tailclip=false]
            5->p9[dir=none tailclip=true minlen = 0.5]
            p9->p10[headclip=false arrowhead=open]
            p10->6[dir=none tailclip=false]
            6->p11[dir=none tailclip=true minlen = 0.5]
            p11->p12[headclip=false arrowhead=open]
            p12->7[dir=none tailclip=false]
            7->p13[dir=none tailclip=true minlen = 0.5]
            p13->p14[headclip=false arrowhead=open]
            p14->8[dir=none tailclip=false]
            8->p15[dir=none tailclip=true]
            p15->p16[headclip=false arrowhead=open]
            p16->9[dir=none tailclip=false]
            9->p17[headclip=false arrowhead=open]  
            p17->p18[dir=none tailclip=true]
            p18->p19[dir=none tailclip=true]

  • should I wonder what scheme means here? (the lisp variant?)
  • Please include an entire Graphviz input file, not just a snippet
  • What is the problem you are having?