Renaming 'master' branch to 'main'

The maintainers previously discussed renaming ‘master’ Git branches to ‘main’ in line with more respectful terminology usage. This has already been done for the website repository, but it was a little too disruptive to do it to the Graphviz code repository at the same time.

I think we’re past any obstacles to this, and I propose we do this immediately after the upcoming 2.47.0 release. This shouldn’t have a large impact, though you will need to edit any outstanding Merge Requests to retarget their destination branch. FYI Gitlab has made ‘main’ the default for new repositories.

Please comment if you have any questions or concerns.

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Recapitulating an email I just sent:

The Graphviz repo switch from ‘master’ to ‘main’ is done now (commit cc1989d8c8f216150aadb3601517cdfc1ddd364a and changes in the Gitlab settings).

I’ve made ‘main’ the default branch and protected ‘master’ so no one can merge or push to it. I think we should leave ‘master’ in place read-only for awhile just in case anyone is relying on it. Maintainers can still force-push to ‘master’ if necessary.

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