Org chart like Google sheets

Given a CSV like that of

Privacy Policy,About Us
Sustainability statement,About Us
About Us,Home

Could an org chart be generated like so:

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Given the wording of the question, I’ll give multiple answers.
No - Graphviz does not include a csv-to-graph capability
Probably - The resources page (Resources) has 3 excel-to-graphviz links
Yes (if you can write a few lines of code) - see below (but note the edges/connectors are different)
Yes (with some fiddly effort) - Graphviz does an ugly job when it tries to produce edges/connectors like your example (splines=ortho), but it can be done using various Graphviz tricks.

done with this gawk one-liner:
gawk -F',' 'BEGIN{print "graph {\nnode[shape=rect style=filled fillcolor=lightblue]"}{print "\""$2"\"","--", "\""$1"\""}END{print "}" }' tinyOrg.csv