Lefty not a Graphviz application?

While doing some unrelated gardening I stumbled across something curious: Lefty does not appear to depend on cgraph. Pulling the thread on this, it doesn’t appear to depend on anything except libast.

Is this correct? This seems a little odd, to have an unrelated AT&T application living in the Graphviz source tree.

Lefty was an early interpreter for graphics programming. It’s from about 1990 or 91, and we used it as the basis for a scriptable graphviz viewer, dotty. It was student code written by Lefteris Koutsofios. I thought there was some C code for parsing graphs but I could be wrong.

Even libast came into the picture much later, but I suppose that was done to clean up some of its OS dependencies or to make it more portable or robust in some way.

I’m ok with retiring it.

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Thanks, Stephen.

What should we plan, given it’s a shipped binary? E.g. it’s in Debian Sid’s Graphviz package, graphviz_2.42.2-5_amd64.deb Debian Sid Download.

My vote:

  1. default-disable in the Autotools build immediately; downstream packagers will have to explicitly --enable-lefty
  2. …wait for complaints/silence…
  3. if there are 6+ months of silence, git rm -rf cmd/lefty

SGTM. According flip Smyrna default to disabled in the Autotools build system (!2083) · Merge requests · graphviz / graphviz · GitLab, Smyrna may have superseded it.

lefty has its own parser, which means it has drifted from the dot language standard. In addition, there are a lot of newer graphical features that it doesn’t support, plus its interface feels very early X windows, which it is.

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