Interactive graph providing information when passing mouse on node

All is in the title. Is there some libraries with which I could produce graph with graphviz, reacting to mouse selection like providing additional information when node is selected or opening a web link?
I think the best would be to load the graph inside a web browser for instance but I am not expert and if you have knowledge of solutions, I would be happy you share it here

Consider the svg output format and the URL (URL | Graphviz) & tooltip (tooltip | Graphviz) attributes.

Thank you steveroush. Is there an option that could highlight the selected node or edge?

Not that I know of.

This is a very reasonable idea. It’s just not possible as far as I know, in SVG. Implementations of this idea use CSS or Javascript, which we don’t generate. I wonder if there are already good implementations of wrappers or in a transpiler environment like d3-graphviz. Probably @magjac knows?

If you are prepared to write some JavaScript code you can use d3-graphviz. This example might serve as an inspiration:

Thank you magjac, I will give it a try with d3-graphviz

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I wonder if we should provide this as an example. I wonder if we should highlight this work more prominently on our website.


If I understand what you’re wanting correctly, does this. A mouseover of a node displays comments, a longer description of the node, who created the node and date of creation.