Improving Tool Appearance: Requesting Paid Help

Hello, I’m developing a visual tool for logical operations on data. The prototype might be presented sooner than anticipated, and there are still some Graphviz-bugs which take away from the appearance of the tool.

For example, intended vs output:


One issue is node ordering, but there are others; I know that some solutions have been posted, but it is unclear which combinations are needed. I would really benefit from one-on-one help, and I can see that the experts here are highly skilled and helpful.

I’m hoping to have a video call with someone - if you can help improve the look of this tool, then I’m happy to pay a solid hourly rate. It may only take an hour, or maybe we have two or three calls. And I can show you this new way to visualize logic, so we’ll both learn something. Please let me know if you might be interested. Thanks.


I have extensive experience with Graphviz and would be delighted to help you improve the appearance of your tool.

You can reach out to me on my email here

Let’s connect and enhance your prototype together.