IdeaTree drag/drop creation, then export to dot and SVG

(I just realized this post should have been here instead of in the announcements category. Sorry for the cross-post.)

I have released an upgrade of , with PDF, Excel, and Dot exporting added.

As before, you can create graphs interactively with the drag-and-drop UI, share in real time
with any number of users, apply a Graphviz layout, then export for interchange with other applications.

It’s real-time multi-user for any number of users.

The mouse-based interface supports creation of clusters, and clusters nested within clusters.

Branches can be minimized to simplify the look of large graphs.

Over 100 graph analyses are potentially available (by request). “Shortest path” has been implemented for free.

Team notifications and chat are built-in.

Every node has commenting available, and there’s a summary of all comments in the graph so that a running commentary by all team members can be seen.

Export Formats:

  • Excel
  • Graphviz Dot
  • PDF (with automatic website creation for displaying the PDF to any viewer).

Import Formats:
Excel and Dot. Excel supports most IdeaTree features. More are being gradually added. Same with Dot import. It supports the features in the following Graphviz Gallery files:

  • Clusters
  • Family Relation
  • Ninja Build System
  • Polygons
  • Bazel
  • Entity-Relation
  • Go Package Imports
  • Partially Transparent Colors
  • World Dynamics
  • Graph ER

Other imports, such as adjacency matrix, are possible. But let me know what you need as far as imports/exports.