I wish to generate this graph in Rhino3D Grasshopper

Hi all, am looking to generate this graph in python. Thanks.

Can you restate your problem.
Is it related to Rhino3D Grasshopper, python, and/or Graphviz?
If you are asking about FSM in Graphviz, check out Finite Automaton | Graphviz

@steveroush Thank you for the quick reply. I wish to generate these diagrams in Rhino3D Grasshopper using python code/any. And wish to get the vertices list and distance. Do we have any provisions?

I’m a little unsure what you’re asking. Could you elaborate?

What’s the broader problem you’re trying to solve here? Why do you want to generate that graph in Python? You’ve attached the graph to the post; it seems you already perhaps have the graph? :slight_smile: Or do you want to generate a graph like that? What are you doing with Rhino3D Grasshopper? What does distance mean?

I wish to make this type of network graph in Grasshopper Python.

the distance is related to the distance between nodes.

Then you’re at the wrong forum. This forum is about the Graphviz tool suite only.


I am not a user of Rhino3D Grasshopper, but i found in google that

GraphViz and NetworkX implemented in GHPython

So it looks like you can use the python libraries like NetworkX or maybe even graphviz, into Grasshopper. These libraries have good documentation with examples of their graphs-drawing using GraphViz, including how to assign labels to edges where you can write the distance.

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Thank you.

You’re welcome, by the way, I too late with my answer, that thread Generation of Network graphs in Grasshopper - #14 by AndersDeleuran - Grasshopper - McNeel Forum has already been answered before :face_with_diagonal_mouth: