I need recomendation about area graph

i want to make area graph for my site please anyone guide me about what should I do for make area graph from graphviz
site: https://pickleballobby.com/

My guess is that “area graph” is what I call a “site map” for a Web site.
(Use your favorite search engine to search for “site map” or “site map generator”).
While Graphviz could definitely produce a clickable map, you first need to crawl the website to identify all the pages and links and understand the network of pages.
I suggest you start with a site map generator.

create a text file with the dot language syntax that specifies the layout and content of your graph. Here is an example of how you can create a simple area graph using the dot language:

digraph {
  node [shape=rectangle];
  A [label="Area 1"]
  B [label="Area 2"]
  C [label="Area 3"]
  D [label="Area 4"]
  A -> B -> C -> D
  {rank=same; A B C D}

To generate the graph, you can use the following command:

dot -Tpng -o graph.png graph.dot

This will create a PNG image of your graph called “graph.png”. You can then include this image on your website using an <img> element.