How to set node color and font size in a Digraph setting with edges

Hello! I created a Digraph with information,but no node API.
I just want to set the background color and font size of a specific node .
How can I do it?


When you generate an edge using the g.edge command, you appear to be using row[0]+'.'+row[1] as the name of the tail node, and row[2]+'.'+row[3] as the name of the head node. Just using edge statements declares the relevant nodes implicitly. To attach an attribute to a node, you will need to declare a node explicitly. For the attributes you desire, this presumably would use a command like
g.node(nodename, fontsize='14', fillcolor='green', style='filled')
where nodename is a string of the form row[0]+'.'+row[1] or row[2]+’.’+row[3], as appropriate.

OK !thanks!