How to pin centrain nodes? How to preserve edges between graphs?

  1. I need some nodes appear exactly where I want.
  2. I want most edges to preserve between multiple graphs.

I came here after reading string - Ukkonen's suffix tree algorithm in plain English - Stack Overflow.

  1. (Graphviz calls this pinning nodes - pin | Graphviz) You didn’t mention if you wanted to use a specific layout engine.
  • dot does not allow pinning nodes
  • fdp and neato are supposed to allow pinning nodes, but there seem to be problems with the implementation (Pin nodes offset - #4 by steveroush)
  • it is possible to programmatically (or manually) create a graph with all pos values set/pinned
  • or you can let a Graphviz engine (like dot) set all the node positions, then programmatically (or manually) modify some or all of the pos values (dot -Tdot myfile.gv)
  1. Not sure I understand #2. It is possible to use the layers attribute/feature (Pin nodes offset - #4 by steveroush) to define a set of graphs that preserve the position of nodes and edges from one graph to the next. (Stupid Dot Tricks #2 - Making a video Getting layers to work with SVG - #3 by steveroush)

I want to preserve edges visually. Their curves, color, style.