How to add round edges rectangle nodes

Hello, everyone! I am new to Graphviz. Please, what parameter can add a round edge to the rectangle node as shown in the picture attached?

use: style=rounded (style | Graphviz)
Like so:
MyNode [style=rounded label=“gini = 123\nsamples = 98765\nvalue = [123, 321]”]

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Thank you so much. I already got the syntax.

hi @steveroush ,

i’ve searched around. do you know if we can edit the border radius?
i couldn’t find anything


I’m pretty sure you can’t set the radius. Nice idea, though it might make locating corner ports (, …) a harder task.

It is open source, we can read the code :slightly_smiling_face:

I think this is where it happens: lib/common/shapes.c · main · graphviz / graphviz · GitLab

The definitions like RBCONST, RBCURVE, and slightly magic constants like d / 3.0 give one pause for thought. I would read under “case ROUNDED” and hope for enlightenment.