Help! Need cross-reference listing of a GVPR program

I have some GVPR programs that need clean-up. A cross-reference would help (a bit). Any thoughts how to create a cross-reference of this (GVPR) language?

Maybe we can use machine learning :slight_smile:

I know Stephen was (mostly) just having fun, but …

by a cross reference, do you mean, click a variable/function, go to its definition?

That would be great, but I’d settle for an old-style listing followed by variables plus page&line where they were referenced. (I really am old school)
But I am open to other suggestions, as long as they are “stronger” than “grep”

My comprehension of the original message is close to zero. But if it helps you, cscope can be coerced into parsing GVPR. Here it is querying some stuff in the repo:

Thanks Matt, cscope works like a champ.

Not too surprising as gvpr is built on top of a C-like library.