Graphviz Templates

Dear Graphviz community !
I’m happy to share some templates i designed for Graphviz, that i use a lot, as a philosophy teacher.
I have 4 templates for the moment : (i) a sort of mind map, (ii) a (rather complex) template to represent an argument, with objections, (iii) a visual summary of a paper, (iv) a template to represent a succession of conjectures and refutations.

I can give some examples of how i use these templates, if needed.

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Wow, I love this! What a fantastic application of graph visualization. Your templates look great, I particularly like the little details like rounded corners and subtle background colors.


Thank you !

I’ve created a repository on Github with some of my graphs :
It might help to understand how to use these templates.

Pas mal,
I was just looking for examples, I’ll try to use some of yours and reference your github page.

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Impressive how you managed to do that with graphviz. It’s really complex to get what you want by manipulating ghost edges and ghost groups.

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