GitLab macOS runners GA?


    # Most submitters don't have access to the macOS runners, and if they try
    # to run macOS pipeline jobs, the jobs will hang forever.  This variable is
    # only set on repos that have access to macOS runners, in GitLab repo
    # settings.

Is this still true now that the macOS runners are in open-beta or are they generally available? Could we remove this and have the macOS jobs run for all submitters?

AFAIK we’re still in the open beta, tracked in GitLab Build Cloud for macOS [x64] - Beta (&3926) · Epics · · GitLab.

I expect the path to GA to still be long and winding. You can read the blow-by-blow commentary on Shared macOS Runners (#5720) · Issues · / GitLab Infrastructure Team / infrastructure · GitLab, but the summary is that the constraints on where macOS can legally run make providing this feature costly and fitting it into Gitlab’s existing billing structure complicated.

Yes, but before we were in the closed beta where we had a runner dedicated to Graphviz, while we now AFAIUI are using shared macOS runners which might have changed the situation for submitters.

Could you try to push something that runs on macOS to your fork and see what happens?

From this thread:

Matthew Fernandez: In the open-beta will anyone be permitted to use the macOS runners?

Adrien Kohlbecker: I’ll defer to Darren Eastman for the details but I believe the macOS runners will only be available to paying customers

That is obviously not true since we’re not a paying customer.

I think under the Open Source program we might be close-enough to paying customers?

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Just tested and the answer does indeed appear to be no: Pipeline · Matthew Fernandez / graphviz · GitLab

It’s nice that Gitlab seems to have now gained a stuck label that explains to you why your pipeline will never complete.

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OK. Thanks for investigating.