Double line with different style

I’m fairly new to graphviz so I don’t know if ots possible or not, but I’m trying to use graphviz for entity-association graph.

I’m using it for a databse management class and my professor is adamant on the use of dashed and solid line to represent the min:max values. I was able to create styles for 0:1 (a single dashed line), 0:N (single solid) and 1:1 (doubled dashed line), but I’m getting confused on how to implement a 1:N relationship which should be a doubled line, one side dashed, one side solid.

Does anyone know of a way to implement that? If that’s possible only.

Does this work for you?

digraph E {
  a->b [style=solid]
  c->d [style=dashed]
  e->f [style=dashed]
  e->f [style=dashed]
  g->h [style=dashed]
  g->h [style=solid]