Diagram not showing in output.svg

What is the best way to debug a dot script for an output image not being generated from the following command?

dot -Tps digraph.dot -o output.svg

The command completes without any warning and an output.svg file is generated in the same directory as the digraph.dot file. However, when I try and open the file in my Pycharm editor, I receive a message saying that I should try and open the svg externally to fix the format problem. Then opening the file externally, a browser opens the svg and I then get an error message
error on line 1 at column 1: Document is empty
The output.svg file appears red in pycharm as well. Unfortunately, there are no error messages to figure our what is going wrong. Is there another CLI command that I could look into for running this dot file?

-Tps tells dot to create a postscript file (PS | Graphviz),
try -Tsvg