Cannot set "size=" to use all of the width of a roll printer using dot

I have a roller printer with paper 36"" wide and almost infinitely long .

I would like to print a large pedigree which has been “rotate=90;“it looks great when I view it as an .eps but whatever value I give the “size”” or “ranksep=” I cannot get the pedigree to print across more than 5” of the the 36" available (I have also tried ratio= auto or compressed not no effect, page =).

I have printed other big pedigrees successfully but this one is having me pull my hair out.

any advice woudl be very greatfully recived

uisng version 2.50.0 (20211204.2007). on mac
The file is attached
dot -Teps 7443_print.txt -o 7443_print.eps
7443_print.txt (743.4 KB)