Basic template for 'star chart'

Hi all, does anyone have a template for a ‘star chart’ as shown below? (link if image doesn’t load)

Are the line lengths important?

It shouldn’t matter too much. What matters is that the lines have an appropriate length where you can see everything clearly - not too spacious, not too cramped.

To double-check, I assume you want to specify edge lengths on a per-edge basis - different edges in a graph having different lengths.

Although Graphviz has 2 (or 3) layout engines (circo, twopi, and sometimes neato) that can produce radially-oriented graphs, seemingly none can produce the graph-type you want. Each can provide some of the desired features, but none can provide all.

In a day or so, I should have a new radial front-end that takes distance (inches or points) & angle (degrees, radians, or fraction) (plus the normal Graphviz attributes) and produces a radial graph
e.g. MyNode [radialdistance="3" radialangle="9/9"]
If you feel daring, stay tuned.
Needs a bit of work, but pretty close:

This is really impressive work (great caption too)! Specifying edge lengths would be desirable but the edges would pretty much always be very close to labels (as a node corresponding to a label should be very close to the label as seen in the image I originally attached; although a label may have no node and therefore no edge length). If it’s of any help, I did some searching and asking around, and it appears the fdp engine is used for this particular ‘star graph’. Thanks again for your efforts!