Order in rank subgraph

I have a tree family graph that is being imported in svg format. But there is one feature in the display. Some nodes are located between two connected nodes, as shown in the figure. How can this be corrected?

Link to my graphviz files: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1ax7gPXvNneFCTkgnduE9GsPycgMMSb_j?usp=sharing

Here are two ways to try to get nodes rearranged more to your liking:

  • add invisible edges between nodes you want to be adjacent
  • add weight attributes to existing edges to “loosen” them or “tighten” them

Unrelated - but I was coincidentally trying to do a family tree with known DNA connections (dotted lines): https://observablehq.com/@gordonsmith/church

Cool graph! I wanted to make connections as well, but I didn’t know how.