How to use gravis for a blind network student

hi. a blind network student and need to do a accessible ntwrok diagram for a assignment. a blind it friend suggested gravis. so how do i use this tool. is is command line and how to use it. any videos or how to get started guides. and then how to use this.using the jaws for windows screen reader and got windows 11 pro.

Graphviz help - best guesses:
1.a. download Windows version from
1.b. Or use this web-based version: Graphviz Visual Editor
2.a. use any simple text editor for the Windows version
2.b. web-based version has its own editor
3. YouTube tutorials

  1. Online documentation:
  1. Most common command line: dot -Tsvg myfile.gv >myfile.svg
  2. Hints / questions
  • do you have a directed network or non-directed: small syntax differences
  • start small, just a few nodes and edges (links)
  • the output is a diagram, placement is key. an optacon (scanner) would be helpful
  1. An example directed graph:
digraph demo {
 a -> b 
 a -> c
 a -> d
 d -> e
 d -> f

Giving (can you scan this?):

Hi. No scanner. May just have to go and get visio.

And jaws scripts for that.


We had a suggestion a while back to improve Graphviz in this respect, Improve Graphviz output accessibility for screen readers. (#2220) · Issues · graphviz / graphviz · GitLab. This sounds like a great idea, but I don’t know enough about how screen readers work to implement this in a way that would be friendly to them.

There was also a request to improve accessibility of the PDFs Graphviz produces, Feature request: Produce PDF/A compliant PDF for archiving? (#2155) · Issues · graphviz / graphviz · GitLab. But it seems Graphviz just calls Cairo for this, so we’re dependent on whatever accessibility features Cairo supports/uses.

Hi. Going to use Microsoft visio. More accessible with jaws and think there’s scripts for that for jaws for visio.

Going to use aira to then describe the image for me.