Hide the cluster using HTML checkbox

I had 5 cluster in which the each cluster elements interconnected to each other.
If I want to hide one cluster including elements by checking the checkbox and the output will render with remaining clusters.

Kindly guide how to do.

Graphvis does not support checkboxes, or anything similar.
Graphvis’s HTML is not a complete implementation of 4.01 HTML, let alone anything newer. (see Node Shapes | Graphviz)
Seemingly, you would have to produce svg output and then add enough javascript to make clusters interactive. (though maybe someone else can point at an existing wrapper to do this)

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Yes, try put IDs on your clusters, render to SVG, and then use javascript to select the cluster elements and show/hide them.

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After hiding the one cluster
Can remain cluster render itself or I need something to render it again.

If you want the remaining graph to rearrange itself, you will have to re-render it.

How to re-render
Is their any .js script which I add to my html to re render

At some point i tried adding this type of functions to a javascript script i have developed, which can be added to an svg to make it interactive: ( BartBrood/dynamic-SVG-from-Graphviz: javascript code that can be added to an SVG created by Graphviz to make it dynamic. (github.com))

it is however complex to cope with re-rendering a graph when collapsing and expanding clusters without using the graphviz library again. I think it could be done if you constraint it to nice horizontal layers (using osage) in a graph where you collapse and expand horizontal layers of a diagram.

Few other things to check: