Graphviz cannot render a large number of nodes

Hi Bro, today I use Graphviz library for my java project. But it cannot render a large number of nodes.
I wrote a createNode function and passed it into Graph.
But when I render it not working, the API is almost destroyed.
Note: I have about 822 nodes.
Please help me, I really need this help.
Thank you very much.

With 95 nodes, my API still works fine.

What do you mean by “the API is almost destroyed”? What do you observe in particular? What do you expect to see?

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Sorry for the omission, I didn’t test it carefully.
api returns the error out of memories even though I used totalMemory (1000000000).
I am trying to construct schemas diagrams from tables. But if the number of tables is up to 800, it cannot render.
Is there a way to do it?
Thank you very much

Probably not. That’s probably too many tables.

Maybe if you attach the graphviz DOT file that’s generated we could look into it. We don’t really maintain the java bindings just the layout backend