Graphing LDAP (address book/directory server) data using Graphviz!

Hi folks,

I don’t have a question, I’d just like to share what I’m working on and hear if anybody is interested.

If you’re not aware, LDAP is an open protocol with a C API that allows managing potentially very large and complex directory services; you may have heard of Microsoft’s version of it known as Active Directory. It’s used by Debian and internally by many universities and giant companies.

Since LDAP programming is typically done in C, and libcgraph is also a C library, it seems quite natural to want to glue them together. That’s why for fun I’m using my university’s LDAP server to make a directed graph going from direct supervisors to the individuals they supervise. Maybe once I get it to work I’ll make a more general program/framework for graphing directory server relationships.

What I envision is allowing the caller to specify a search query, assign a node to every object (typically representing a person), and then let you inject code via dlopen() that will examine the LDAP attributes and make edges and subgraphs.

I hope folks find this topic as fun as I do.