Explanation of parameters in config6? (troubleshooting recordshape layouting)


I’m running into some layouting issues for record shapes. The issues occur on some machines but not on others. I’ve found that modifying the parameters below induce similar issues consistently on all machines. So I would very much like to know the semantics of these parameters so that I may troubleshoot the issues further and hoepfully find out the exact cause of the layouting issues.

gvplugin_pango.dll cairo {
render {
cairo 10
textlayout {
textlayout 10


I don’t quite follow. What parameters? There is some code in the post – what language is it? What commands are you running, could you attach some input and output and what you expect from them?

Hi Mark

The parameters can be found in a file called “config6” in the directory where your graphviz installation resides. It is normally generated by dot.exe -c at installation time.

I have never really looked into config6, but you can see its handling in gvconfig.c.