Existing Graph Algorithms

I wonder what kind of graph algorithms exist within the Graphviz code?
I already use Graphviz to layout my graphs. But could I do other things as well? Stuff like:
• Finding loops?
• Dijkstra
• Components?
• etc
What else is under the hood of this great library?

Here is a start - go here (acyclic | Graphviz) & look at the commands listed in the left column (e.g. gc, dijkstra, gvpr, …)

There are also some gvpr programs here (acyclic | Graphviz) that do not seem to be in some (all?) of the deliverables

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Thanks, Steve!
I should have said that I use Graphviz as a library. So I could make use of internal algorithms. I am sure that Graphviz relies on quite a few algorithms to do the layout. But which ones? :slight_smile: