Edge with tip in the middle

Hello! Does anyone know how to make an edge with a tip in the middle? :see_no_evil:

I don’t know of a way to do this in Graphviz. Graphviz seems to just to arrows at the head and tail of a line.

Maybe, if “cheating” works for you.
This uses intermediate points to locate the arrowheads (two types shown).
Documentation for attributes ( shape, headclip, dir, arrowhead) is here Attributes | Graphviz

digraph CE {

  { node[shape=point width=.01] p1 p2}
  a -> p1 [headclip=false arrowhead=open ] 
  p1 -> b [dir=none tailclip=false]
  b -> p2 [headclip=false]
  p2 -> c [dir=none tailclip=false]



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I think this option will work for me. Thank you very much! :+1: