Demo01.yml: syntax error in line 1 near 'connectors'

I am on windows 11 and trying to run wireviz. I get syntax error in line 1 near 'connectors' after downloading and running demo01.yml

I downloaded demo01.yml and did not edit it before running it to make sure its the same file as in the git website.

Same thing happens if I -copy paste the same example- with notepad++ and using UTF-8 encoding:

I am using notepad++ to remove the BOM (in case the file has BOM) using the “Convert to UTF-8” and saving the file as UTF-8.

How can I debug this issue?

wireviz is supported here: GitHub - wireviz/WireViz: Easily document cables and wiring harnesses.

However, it seeme to me that your command line is incorrect, shouldn’t it be wireviz demo01.yml?

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All right thanks, I will post that there.

Well their documentation doesnt seem correct about using wireviz on windows, check here

You could look at the file with a hex editor (on linux I’d use xxd, maybe there’s something else you prefer on Windows?). If the first bytes are text, you’re good. If the first bytes aren’t text, you’ll be able to see.