Connecting Edge Labels to Edges

Hi guys,
I’m using Graphviz as a C library’ and external tools for rendering.
I need to gather the information regarding the lines connecting the edge labels to the corresponding edges.
Is there anyone who could help me with this issue?
Thanks a lot in advance…

Sounds like the decorate attribute (decorate | Graphviz)

The “decorate” attribute needs to be set to “true”, yes. However I want to access the generated data afterwards, e.g. the coordinates of the control points if the connecting lines are defined by splines as it is the case with the edges themselves.

As I read this documentation (search DOT | Graphviz for decorate), to get the info you want, you will have to run dot -Txdot myfile.gv (note: xdot output format) and look for a piece of the ldraw string that starts with L. e.g. see below:

   _ldraw_="F 14 11 -Times-Roman c 7 -#000000 T 36.5 57.8 0 19 2 -AB S 5 -solid c 7 -#000000 L 3 46 54 27 54 27 61.19 ",

(don’t blame me, I’m just the messenger)

Well, that’s cool; thanks a lot. Yet, “cgraph” does not seem to provide this information, via some kind of a utility function. For instance, to get the splines for the edges one exploits “ED_spl()” after any layout algorithm is run.