Can Depth Be Ignored?

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please see in attached image lengthy links for purpose of maintaining consistent depth . may i please inquire does means exist to specify such does not occur but instead shortest link length which is visually useful .

thank you kindly

Sort answer: no, there is no attribute that stops dot from aligning ranks.
Long answer: there are several possible solutions to this problem. In no particular order:

  • Try the other layout engines. Each will provide a different look - maybe you’ll see one that pleases you. Note that neato and fdp have multiple tuning attributes that can make quite a difference.
  • Replace your large monolithic nodes with multiple smaller nodes, possibly within a cluster.
  • Replace your two-line text (“insert_ptr…\ninsert…” with a single, longer line (remove the ‘\n’)
  • Try using the TBbalance attribute (TBbalance | Graphviz) to shift nodes “up” or “down” (towards the min or max rank)
  • Change rankdir to LR - and then force all the nodes into the original downward arrangement. This will allow you to achieve your goal, but you have to entirely re-think the graph. All the vertical sets of nodes are now on the same rank. This really works, but I find it hard to wrap my brain-cells around.

An alternative to dot might be neato -Gmode=hier