Can a node span multiple ranks?

I’m trying to add some documentation to my graph. I have a node with a label that’s an HTML table, with about 150 rows (so far), to allow users to look up the name of an event, find when it happened, make it easier to find the node on the graph (a timeline).

Obviously, a node that’s 150 rows is much taller than other nodes. It’s probably 25+ times the normal height of rank. I’ve tried making the table a subgraph with and w/o cluster, to no avail. I’ve tried making both the main graph and table subgraphs within the digraph.

Is there a way to have that node span multiple ranks?

A picture is worth 1000 words. Could you cobble together a diagram (hand drawn is OK) to show us what you’re wanting to do.

Here’s a very low resolution sample of what I’m envisioning, created with a paint program. On the left side, the edges for nodes on the same rank are very long to accommodate the tall table. On the right side the table spans many ranks. I’m not sure how to do this in GraphViz, or if it’s even possible. I tried using a subgraph (which you’d recommended earlier for the legend at the top left), but without success.

I appreciate the help you’ve given this newbie.

Interesting, I expected that embedding the two parts in separate clusters would fix things, but no.
However, if you add this:
graph [packmode="node"]
graph [packmode="graph"]
to your graph, I think you’ll get the layout you want.

That solution partially did what I was looking for, but it broke my ranks. The tall, think column is a list of years, and the main part of the graph ranked the event to the year. I tried packmode with both options, and tried moving it to each node, without success. I may need to leave the table off of the graph, or come up with some other solution. I very much appreciate your time.